Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shadow Warrior

My newest novel Shadow Warrior has been published. This is the third novel in the Shadow Series. Below is a description of Shadow Warrior.

Brendon Alexander studied ancient civilizations in college and plans to spend summer vacation working at a museum alongside the woman he loves, but nothing is as he expected. The love of his life is engaged to another man; her fiancé is his boss; and his job consists of building a stone altar on which he suspects a real blood sacrifice will be performed.

Lisa Stratton believes her fiancé is prince charming. Her mind tells her he is everything a woman wants. But each time she sees Brendon, her heart whispers of the love she feels for only him.

Seeing Lisa with another man is killing Brendon. He’ll tromp down the pain and step aside for her happiness, but is she happy? His dreams say no, and his nightmares scream with terror as Lisa is sacrificed to an evil creature more hideous than any demon he’s ever fought.