Sunday, May 19, 2013

Take Me To Pardise

Take Me To Paradise
by Marilyn Yarbrough
Historical Romance published May 17, 2013

Cassie Tyler is traveling to Paradise to visit her aunt, but when she arrives in Sacramento, she learns her life may be in danger. Reluctantly, she agrees to have a bodyguard travel with her on the stagecoach for her protection.

Mitch Hardin is a former Confederate soldier with a hidden past. He accompanies Cassie to Paradise, but she seems more concerned with guarding her reputation than she is with guarding her life. He must fight her as well as kidnappers to keep her safe.

Cassie is dragged off the stage at gunpoint. Mitch tracks down the outlaws and rescues her, but he uncovers a more devious plot. Cassie and Mitch are thrust into danger—and into each other’s arms. He tries to protect her from all harm, but as his fascination with the innocent and na├»ve young lady grows, he discovers the person he must fight hardest to protect her from is himself.

Paytons Woman

Payton's Woman
by Marilyn Yarbrough
Historical Romance published April 24, 2013

Julia Anderson is on a perilous quest to find the man who murdered her brother. Hot on the killer's trail, she stumbles into the arms of a man who resembles a fearsome pirate straight out of her childhood nightmares. But when this dark haired, blue-eyed pirate kisses her, the only thing he steals is her heart.

Captain Payton Tyler is on his own quest. He's distracted from his goal when an innocent, blond-haired beauty materializes out of the misty fog. When she disappears just as suddenly, he follows after her.

From the hellhole of the Barbary Coast to the refined society of old Sacramento, danger and intrigue thrust Julia and Payton together--and into each other's arms. As their desire for each other grows, so does Julia's suspicion. She fears the man who holds her in his arms, the man who holds her heart, may also be the man who killed her brother.

Black Ravens Review:
Marilyn Yarbrough had me enthralled from beginning to end in Payton's Woman. I fell in love with the Captain and his charms. In addition, Marilyn Yarbrough did an awesome job in this book of making me applaud her imagination throughout the story. Moreover, the passionate scenes between Captain Payton and Julia definitely blew my mind away. Captain Payton is a man no woman can resist.
Payton's Woman by Marilyn Yarbrough is highly recommended by this reviewer to any reader who loves a pirate and the roguish tactics he uses to make a sensible woman go wild with passion.
Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Lena!